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    Soybean Peptides Powder
    Product Description
    Soybean is a annual herb ,a species of legume native to China.Soybean is a good source of protein because it contains a significant amount of essential amino acids. 

    ExtractPart: Seed 
    Crude protein(dry based,N×60.25) GradeI≥90.0%GradeII≥85.0%GradeIII≥80.0% 
    Peptide(dry based) GradeI≥80.0%GradeII≥75.0%GradeIII≥55.0% 
    Appearance: White ,light yellow,yellow powde 

    Physical&Chemical properties 
    -No beany flavor 
    -No albuminous degeneration 
    -Heat stability 
    -Soluble in water 
    -Low viscosity 
    -High flowability 

    Health function 
    1. Helping to reduce muscle fatigue and boost physical strength 
    2.Lower cholesterol and blood pressure 
    3. Stimulating the body to burn fat, help prevent obesity 
    4.Good moisture absorption and retention 

    Sports foods such as Soy peptides beverage,instant soy milk powder,yogurt,jelly 
    Functional foods such as protein foods, 
    Cosmetics for moisturizing 

    Uses: Sports foods such as Soy peptides beverage,instant soy milk powder,yogurt,jelly.



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