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Collagen accounts for about one-third of the total protein of human body, mainly in skin, bone, cartilage, teeth, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels, which is the extremely important protein for the structure with the important physiological functions, such as control of molecular permeability, accelerating, wound healing, tissue repair, regulating of cell growth, etc. Hydroxyproline, which does not exist in other kinds of protein, represents the characteristic amino acids of collagen and serves as the carrier of calcium in human body. Collagen plays an important role in enhancing immunity, nourishing the skin, protecting joints, preventing osteoporosis, enhancing breast, slimming, etc.
Hainan Taimei Biotech Co., Ltd., manufacturer of the high purity fish collagen, uses non-polluted and high-quality fish from Hainan Island as raw material through modern enzymatic biotechnology. The product features in white and non-odor, soluble in water, low molecular weight, easy absorbed by human body. Taimei fish collagen is exported to Japan, European Union and United States in batches.
Good biocompatibility between fish collagen and human collagen leads to a very high bioavailability. In addition, using of fish collagen overcomes the worry about BSE, FMD and other animal diseases.
Oral: Taimei fish collagen, white powder without off-smell, is directly soluble in water to drink. Moreover, it can also be added into milk, fruit juice, soya milk, rice conjee, etc. Daily dosage is 5-10g.
External use: Apply by dissolving in water, milk or yogurt. Fish Collagen Mask can be used as direct supplement of collagen in skin through pore filtering to improve the skin’s appearance and tactility and to remove wrinkles.



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