Welcome Hainan United-Holding Agriculture & Biotech. Co., Ltd.

Hainan United- holding Agri-Biotech Co. Ltd., which is a high-tech enterprise, was built in 2015 in Hainan Island of China, specializing in studying, exploring, manufacturing and marketing of fish collagen and its related products.

Because of the good ecological environment, local fish products are of very high quality. A big quantity of fish products is sold all over the world each year. This guarantees the supply of the raw materials of high quality for Taimei to manufacture fish collagen.

   Taimei uses fresh fish skins and scales to manufacture fish collagen through enzymatic engineering and spray drying, 1000MT per year. Because of good raw materials, advanced technology and strict QC system, fish collagen produced by Taimei is of very high quality. It is completely water soluble. Fat, ash and heavy metal contents are very low.

The fish collagen is abstracted from fish scales and fish skins, simulating the mechanism of protein digestion in human body and using advanced directed enzymolysis biotechnology. Its protein content is above 90%, having 18 kinds’ amino acids, 7 kinds of which are essential for people. Our products are of high protein content, low ash and heavy metal content, small molecular weight, easy absorption and utilization, high biological value, promoting absorption of vitamins and minerals. Our product also can accommodate physiological function of human as directed enzymolysis technology releases a lot of biologic peptides hidden in big molecular collagen.

 It can offer nutrient to human skin containing collagen, supply 18 kinds beneficial amino acids, reinforcing skin collagen's activity. And it also maintains moisture of horny layer and fiber structure's integrality, so as to improve skin cell's living environment and promote skin tissue's metabolism. It may achieve such efficiencies as moistening skin, postponing senility, hairdressing and wrinkle chasing.

Collagen has better affinity with protein surface on hair and skin, it is combined with hair and skin generally by physical adsorption, it is able to bear rinsing. Affinity's enhancement is along with relative molecular weight's increase. Small molecular can infiltrate scarfskin of skin and hair, sometimes may permeate cortical layer. Each big molecular has more binding sites, so binding force reinforce, appetency increase.

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